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Who is Favored to Win Next Food Network Star?

Gambling News - July 6, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

food network starThe next Food Network Star is well underway and thses contestants are making it quite a race to the end. The All American night, which aired 6/28/2009 , was a mini challenge that allowed contenders to create their own idea of an American burger. This not only tested their knowledge of American cooking, but how well they incorparated  of local and regional ingredients. Contenders were very excited to learn the award of this win would be the winning burger featured in Bobby Flay's new burger joint.

Michael took the win with his version of the "Little Italy Burger", which left the judges speechless and wanting more. Other contenders, such as was the last episode viewers will see the infamous lying Teddy. Teddy has continued to dish out lies time and time again. So much so that the Jamika's combination of a sausage and hamburger patty which gave the judges a bad taste in their mouth.

The elimation challenge would prove to be to much for one contender. The challenge was to prepare a meal for members of the USS Intrpid and their families, using a pre selected backet which included a limited amount of ingredients as well as a signature ingredient that told a little bit about themselves. This challenged forced players to team up with one other person creating a dish made by both, along with a individual dish.

Teddy who was teamed up with Melissa, showed his true colors yet again and through Melissa under the bus. Week after week, Teddy has continuously lied making him the most disliked contender on the show. The only thing Teddy was consistant about serving was lies after lies. Although drama makes for good TV, the other contenders and the judges had enough of Teddy. Teddy was certainly not someone the Food Network wanted to represent and he was sent packing.

This week will be a challenging one for the final contenders. Does your favorite have the right dish to keep the judges wanting more? Odds are in on who will make it as the Next Food Network Star.

Debbie Lee                     ( + 160 )
Jamika Pessoa              ( + 155 )
Jeffrey Sadd                    ( - 180 )
Katie Cavuto                   ( + 265 )
Melissa D'Arabian         ( + 110 )
Michael Proietti               ( -125 ) 

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