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Texas Next State to Crack Down on Illegal Gambling Rings

Gambling News - August 8th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Six people face an eight count federal indictment for allegations pertaining to an illegal gambling ring in southeastern Texas. The indictment covered Virginia Slaughter, Mukahtair Khuwaja, Phillip Clark, Delores Ridens, Daniel Davis, and Amirali Sumar. The charges include four counts of operating an illegal gambling business and three counts of money laundering. These charges could entail up to twenty years in a federal penitentiary.

Investigators found a gambling operation worth millions of dollars. The accused had been allegedly using the facade of an Internet cafe in four different cities in Texas. For at least three years these activities had been taking place, the prosecutors claim. Port Arther, Nederland, Henderson, and Beaumont were the cities that held these different business fronts.

This indictment does not assume that the defendants are guilty, rather the trial will be the determining factor.

In late July, another illegal gambling enterprise had been uncovered in Salt Lake City. They had also used an Internet Cafe as a front for their alleged operation. Additionally, there had been a similar claim in central Florida. This is a rising trend, some experts suggest. Though gambling is legal in many of the states in which these criminals had been accused, there are heavy regulations regarding the operation of a gambling business.

Laws regarding gambling, both land based and over the Internet, are in a constant state of flux. Different states are beginning to allow gambling, while others are attempting to remove it. Internet gambling is also on the rise, but the facts at hand and the powers at be have not yet come to an accord and thus digital gambling is still considered in a legal grey area.

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