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With the proper basic blackjack strategy, you can expect this game to be one of the most profitable ventures through an online casino. Blackjack has a fair house edge, more than favorable odds, and has become one of the most played games in any casino - live or land based. What you will find here is a collection of different strategies based on the standard Vegas rules of blackjack, though it can be adapted to different sets of rules. Since some casinos use varying numbers of decks, exactly what to do in every situation can change, as can the basic blackjack strategy. Regardless, there are a few suggestions we can offer that will make your gaming experience that much easier

Know The Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is a fairly simply game, but from simplicity rises great complexity. The rules of the game are easy, and can be found in the blackjack beginners guide. We will not cover these rules. Instead, we are simply here to explain a few strategies. Refer to the blackjack beginners guide if you need to know the rules.

Play With Competent Bettors Playing Multi-Player Blackjack

When you are playing blackjack, know that you are not always alone. In multi-player blackjack, you will be playing with several other people against the dealer. You could be alone, or you could be playing with up to four other people. Because of this, your gaming experience could be hampered. In order to have the best shot at overcoming the odds and the dealer in the game of blackjack, you will want to make sure you are not sitting with a group of inexperienced newbies. Nothing can ruin your gaming experience quite like a group of other people. If a player were to unnecessarily hit, he or she could do some serious damage to your chances. If you are going to play blackjack, make sure you act after experienced players or before everyone else.

Know When To Hit, When To Stand, Or When To Surrender

One of the main basic blackjack strategies we can offer you is the when to hit and when to stand. You do not need the highest hand to beat the dealer - keep this in mind. You can easily win with a 12 or 13. Sometimes chasing that 21 can lead you to ruin quicker than you would think. Since the dealer has to hit until 17 or higher, the likelihood of the dealer busting is improbable. Depending on what the dealer is showing, you will want to adhere to this line of thought. Also, Blackjack Strategy Cards can help with making decisions.

Learn What To Do Based On The Dealer's Hand

What the dealer is holding is of vital importance. Everything you do with a hand should first be based on the hand the dealer is holding. Though the decision will ultimately rely on your hand, no moves should be made until you take into consideration the dealer's hand. Additionally, the hand of your companions should also be taken into account, but the dealer's hand is of key importance. Depending on what the dealer has exposed, you should decide whether or not you want to chase 21 or just rise high enough to make sure you will be cover the 17. In all events, do not hit if you think you are going to bust out. What the dealer is showing will also help you determine whether or not you should double down, split, buy insurance, or even surrender.

When To Surrender & Why It Is Valuable

Surrendering is a tough decision to make. Many people are not apt on giving up before they can even try. If you are holding a 17 and the dealer is showing a face card, you may want to consider a surrender. This will return half of your bet and forfeit the hand. Before you actually consider surrendering the hand, you may want to check what everyone else has at the table. Always keep in mind the number of decks being used, as this can help you decide if you want to keep going or surrender.

To Use A Blackjack System or Not?

It is a fallacy to always assume that the dealer always has a card valued ten or higher hidden. While there are more cards worth ten or more points than any other in the deck, using a static assumption that there is a ten or a face card under the dealer's main card. The cards are randomly drawn, thus you should never hold to a constant while gambling. We don't advise attempting counting cards at blackjack. Remember that luck has everything to do with it.

Learn Available Betting Types To Win More

Part of basic blackjack strategy will also include a few rudimentary tips. Insurance is rarely worth it, so try to avoid this at all costs. Doubling down, if you are allowed, should be done only if you are sure you will not bust, all the while breaching 17. Try not to split with tens or face cards. Finally, as part of basic blackjack strategy, try to find out how many decks are being used per shuffle. When in doubt, remember that you will invariably end up busting, that you cannot win every time playing by the rules of the dealer, and that no two hands will ever be the same.

Proceed to our Advanced Blackjack Strategy for more strategies and tips to use

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