State Lottery Programs

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Right now, forty-three states have State Lottery Programs. The combined revenues of the different state's lotteries range in the billions, and each helps to fund different programs throughout the state, primarily education. Lotteries have been around since the earliest eras of Chinese history, but modern lotteries as we know them began in New Hampshire in 1964. Since then, State Lottery programs have erupted to encompass several formats, ranging from instant to delayed victories, which varies by state, and even includes multi-state lotteries. Those who play the Lotto Numbers have a shot at becoming a millionaire, making a wealthy person out of even the lowest rung of the socioeconomic ladder.

Basics of State Lotteries

lotto winnersMillions of Lottery Tickets are sold on a daily basis, especially amongst the games that draw Lottery Numbers once or twice every day. This allows players to involve themselves on regular basis, bringing the opportunity to become a wealthy individual from spending as little as fifty cents. While those that draw once or twice daily do not carry the massive jackpots we see in the media or on Powerball Lottery billboards, they can still give a player over one hundred times their initial investment. It is not every day you can turn one dollar into five hundred, though through some of the smaller State Lotteries this is a definitive possibility.

Lottery Drawings

lottery drawingsThe most common type of lottery is drawing the Lottery Winning Numbers. In this format, you take a set of numbers from a larger bag, and if they all come up on the drawing, you win a prize. Most of these will also pay smaller prizes, each staggered in correlation to how many numbers you receive. Six of Forty-nine is by far the most common method. In the 6 of 49 method, players have to pick the six numbers that will be drawn out of a pool of forty-nine choices. With this format, numbers do not repeat, but the overall Lottery Odds stand at 1-13,983,816. While this may seem like a mathematical impossibility, that is simply not the case - people have won over $300 million dollars in some of the larger lotteries, proving that it is a definitive possibility for players to walk away with a win. All Lottery Results are all kept fair and legitimate, and each one is tested by a third party verifier.

Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

scratch off lottery ticketsThe second most popular form of the lottery is the instant lotto ticket, commonly referred to as Scratch Off Lottery Tickets, or simply scratch offs. These typically range from $1 to $30 dollars, and carry a respective set of odds. The more you risk, the more likely you are to win, and these tickets carry the benefit of never costing more than the minimum winning amount. Scratch tickets do not carry the multiple millions of dollars as Online Lotteries do, online being the drawn numbers, but they can still pay upward in the $20 million range depending on the ticket and state. Scratch cards usually carry slightly better odds, typically with one in four carrying a winner, and lead to instant gratification rather than waiting for the results in the middle or end of the week.

Benefits of State Lotteries

lottery education moneyLottery Funds generate billions of dollars for the different states in which they are active, and the money is almost exclusively given to the education systems within the state. It is not uncommon for lotteries to fund scholarships for higher education or even be the primary method through which primary and secondary schools are funding. This fact has concocted the popular slogan used amongst many states "When you play, we all win," which connotates the objective of the basic Lotto - to fuel education, stimulate personal and statewide economies, and deliver fun and excitement to the many players involved.