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New Gambling Law Set To Affect Parents Who Ignore Child Support

Gambling News - January 8th, 2010 - Written By Glen

casinoA revolutionary new gambling law is set to emerge from the state of Indiana. Legislators have decided that those parents who have not remained current with their child support should lose out on any winnings accrued from jackpots won in the casinos in the state.

The Senate had considered the Bill on Wednesday, and states that those who owe any back child support would have to sacrifice their winnings. It has been reported that in Indiana, only 58 per cent of all child support payments were actually being made. The Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, has given his support to the Bill.

Between 165,000 parents who owe $2,000 dollars or more in child support, $2 billion dollars in delinquencies are currently on record. This information comes from the state's Department of Child Services.

"We do not believe that a parent who's having difficulty paying child support should be out gambling," said Stuart Showalter, a member of the group Indiana Shared Parenting, to the Associated Press.

The casinos in the state have already spoken out against the legislation. The possibility of a two minute delay in the casino has been expressed by the Casino Association of Indiana, as a list of delinquent payments would have to be checked.

Since tax forms are inevitably filled out on all but the smallest jackpots, so a two-minute delay may be something that is required regardless. Despite this outspoken contempt from the casinos, it is possible that the Bill will pass, though perhaps with additional legislation regarding the collection of the delinquent funds.

Unfortunately, even the best online gambling casinos could not enact a similar device for the collection of money owed by deadbeat parents.