Atlantic City Casinos Reintroduce Low Stakes Blackjack

Casino News - January 7th, 2010 - Written By Glen

black jack handAtlantic City has arguably taken the largest blow to their stability over the last year. Throughout 2009, Atlantic City had continued to crumble. With revenues that had been crippling for the casinos, many gaming centers had been left hamstrung and possibly unable to recover. In order to revitalize their economy, Resorts Atlantic City had decided to bring back low stakes blackjack.

Since voluntary spending has dropped in many industries, it is very uncommon to see many high stakes gamblers in Atlantic City. In order to cater to the larger crowd of smaller bettors, Resorts Atlantic City has brought back the $2 dollar tables that had once been a common sight on the casino floor. While making a comeback, these low stakes tables do not come without a catch.

It has been reported that the low stakes $2 dollar blackjack tables will carry a $0.25 fee in order to counteract the alleged cost of operating these tables made for those with low bankrolls or novices to the game who wish to play the game without a heavy risk.

Atlantic City has not only had to contend with reduced spending, but also competition. While residents of surrounding states had once had to visit Atlantic City, Casinos in Delaware, Maryland, and now Pennsylvania are becoming more commonplace. Delaware is currently contemplating the addition of two more casinos, Maryland has their own expansion in mind, and Pennsylvania has recently added table games to their list of available gambling options. With lower stakes, Atlantic City may be able to recover from their weakened economical state.

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