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NOTE: This casino was previously called "Absolute Slots Casino"

Slot Power casino softwareAs a Rival Casino, Slot Power casino software offers a lot to set it self above others. The Rival software is what allows Slot Power to be as impressive as it is and be listed among the other USA casinos we list. We have had many people as why, so here is the Slot Power casino software review. Rival Casino excels in many fields. They have thus been able to create a unique experience for their users.

slot power casino software bonuses

Slot Power's Rival casino software has all the games you would find at a different type of casino, but they took it a step further. This extra step is the iSlot. Interactive Slots provide the player a new way to play their favorite slot games. These include mini games that allow players extra bonus opportunities. They still have the classic, video, and progressive slots, as well as table games to entertain.

There is unfortunately no flash client for Rival casinos, so you will have to download their software. This is because Rival's games are way too powerful to be played through a browser. This can be seen as a bad thing or a good thing, but a little bit of power while sacrificing a minor convenience is not that bad of a trade off. The client is small so you won't spend more than 5 minutes or downloading, which is a small price to pay for one of the top casinos that accept USA players that uses Rival software..

Safety is every one's concern and a top priority on the Slot Power casino software, especially when trading money over the Internet. Due to this fact, Rival has taken precautions to provide adequate protection to their players. They also hold a strict fair gaming policy, which is meant to keep your gaming legitimate. The fair gaming policy ensures that they will test their games for fairness at least once a month. Security features at Slot Power casino software include private databases for your banking information as well as high levels of encryption to protect you as you actually transfer said information.