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July 4, 2010 – By John Ritter So about that whole Michael Vick shooting incident. Get ready for another try. Per ProFootballTalk, Vick is giving the whole party-throwing thing another whirl on Sunday, hosting a Fourth of July bash in Washington, D.C. The event is an “All-White” affair and is essentially open to the public. […]


May 23, 2010 – John Ritter The dynamic of drafting Tim Tebow has been monetarily successful for the Denver Broncos so far, but is beginning to hinder one vital issue. What to do with Kyle Orton? According to ProFootballTalk, the Broncos have been confusingly vague about their current-starting quarterback, sending smoke signals about his availability […]


April 18, 2010 – By John Ritter As much news as is given to trades for big-ticket players such as Brandon Marshall to Miami a week ago, it can also be very telling of the overall interest said player receives from the rest of the league. A player can surprisingly garner a swarm of eyeballs, […]

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