Maryland State Lottery Agency May Open Casino Early

The slots casino in Maryland, known as the Hollywood Casino Perryville, could end up opening days before the scheduled day. According to the Maryland State Lottery Agency, the Saturday trial run proved highly successful.

The State Lottery Agency invited over 1,000 people to come play the games and enjoy the amenities of the casino. The event went better than anticipated, and casino officials are now seriously contemplating an early opening.

The new casino is expected to keep residents of Maryland from traveling to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and even New Jersey for their gambling. The casino is expected to bring in over a hundred millions of dollars to the state. With 34,000 square feet, this casino is also expected to attract travelers passing through the state.

The lack of table games could ultimately inhibit the casino from truly thriving. Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey all have table games in their casinos.

The State will have to approve of the request for the early opening by the casino’s officials.

Hundreds of jobs have already been created by the casino, ranging from administration to food service.

Whether or not this casino will have an impact on Maryland online Casinos, or USA online gambling on a whole, is still undetermined.

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