Proposal For Casino At Gettysburg Attacked By Opponents

September 25th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

A proposal for a casino near the historic city of Gettysburg has caused great controversy. While the number of casinos in the state of Pennsylvania is rising, many residents, historians, and a nonprofit group, the Civil War Preservation Trust, have spoken out against the proposal.

“Gettysburg holds a special place in the hearts of all Americans,” began James Lighthizer, president of the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT), “but it is particularly dear to those who have felt the heat of battle. The call to military service is a tie that stretches across the generations and makes all of our nation’s veterans truly one ‘band of brothers.’ ”

In Philadelphia, Sugar House Casino has recently opened. As the 10th casino of the 11 licensed centers to open, Pennsylvania has booming in terms of revenue. It is unlikely that another casino in the state would make a large difference in terms of revenue. The push by several organizations to prevent the establishment of a casino in Gettysburg, coupled with the already large number of casinos in the state, could prevent Gettysburg from receiving the extraneous casino.

Petitions are currently being written to prevent Gettysburg from hosting a casino. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control board will receive this petition to prevent the casino from happening.

One avenue of revenue that has thus far been ignored by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control board is that of online casinos. Pennsylvania Online Casinos could be taxed to bring in even more revenue for the state.

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One Response to “Proposal For Casino At Gettysburg Attacked By Opponents”
  1. mugs Says:

    An Online Casino – which would allow anyone to gamble in Gettysburg or Hong Kong- is the best option here since it will not be bringing people to Gettysburg to Gamble. There are other places in PA that could house and actual casino, but, Please.. NOT GETTYSBURG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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