Qualifications For Presidency Opens The Door To Many Candidates

September 24th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

When President Obama was elected into office, it seemed as if our nations had overcome decades of racial boundaries by voting into office an African American. Many Americans believe that the running of a country has absolutely nothing to do with the race of the leader and that a nation and voters should always base their decision on which candidate is most qualified for the position. One would actually be surprised to learn that the qualifications to become President of The United States are really not that high.

Candidates must be at least 35 years of age, be a US citizen and they must have maintained residency in the United States for at least 14 years. Is this truly all it takes to become president? This Does not seem to be that high of standards one would expect for the power to lead an entire country. Obama met those requirements, and after a tight race all the way up until election day, Barack Obama was named the first African American President.

What he promised in his campaign was enough to sway people to support him, but promising and delivering are two different stories. There is no question that he has been hit was some major tragedies since he took on the role of President of The United States. The ongoing war in Afghanistan, the recent oil spill and the every day duties that come with trying to run a country. How Obama has handled each situation has been criticized from start to finish. It seems as if Obama puts his own personal needs above the needs of all American people, which is what he was hired to do.

We are half way through Barack Obama’s term as President of The United States and already, talk has began on who will be elected president in 2012. The campaigning has already begun and as we inch closer to another presidential election, America will be ready to voice their opinions through the poles. Online sportsbooks are actually offering entertainment betting odds on which person may make the list for candidates in 2012.

Who will be elected US President in 2012?
Barack Obama    -130
Mitt Romney    +600
Haley Barbour    +2500
Sarah Palin    +1100
Hillary Clinton    +1600
Newt Gingrich    +2500
John Boehner    +2000
Joe Biden    +3300
Mike Huckabee    +1800
Tim Pawlenty    +1800
Jon Huntsman    +2800
Bobby Jindal    +2500
Bill Owens    +3300
Chuck Hagel    +3300
Fred Thompson    +3300
David Patraeus    +3300
Lindsey Graham    +4000
Rudolph Giuliani    +4000
Chuck Baldwin    +4000
Jeb Bush    +4000
Evan Bayh    +4000
Tom Ridge    +5000
Ron Paul    +5000
George Allen    +6600
Al Gore    +6600
John McCain    +6600
Condaleeza Rice    +6600
John Edwards    +6600
George Pataki    +8000
Bill Frist    +8000
Jim Webb    +10000
Kathleen Sebelius    +10000
Tim Kaine    +10000
Arnold Schwarzenegger    +10000
Sam Brownback    +10000
Janet Napolitano    +10000
John Kerry    +10000
Michael Bloomberg    +4000
Mark Warner    +10000
Caroline Kennedy    +15000
Dick Cheney    +20000
Will Smith    +25000
Paris Hilton    +25000
Laura Bush    +25000

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