American Idol Welcomes Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

September 23rd, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

The judges of the hit reality series American Idol seem to come and go just as quickly as the contestants do. Fans of the show were devastated to learn that the judge we love to hate, Simon Cowell, would not be returning for season 10 of American Idol. From the very first episode of American Idol, Simon received a lot of criticism for the harsh statements made to contestants during the audition process. Some felt as if we was to hard on the contestants. Others felt as if he was just being honest, which is what being a judge is all about. Either way one could look at it, opinions changed over the years. Seeing Simon leave the American Idol family was heartbreaking for a lot of fans.

Little did we know that the entire judging staff would change by the time the next season. Apparently Kara DioGuardi, has been fired for reason unknown, and Ellen Degenerous has decided that this gig was not for her. The news of Kara and Ellen leaving did come as a surprise to most people, but not as surprising as to who the new judges would be. Season 10 of American Idol will be welcoming Aerosmith’s leading man Steve Tyler and singing sensation Jennifer Lopez. Both have been in the business for many years, and both have a lot to offer the contestants as far as advice and guidance.

Let’s hope that American Idol can make it through one complete season with keeping the judging staff intact. Little can be said about what is to be expected from season 10 of American Idol, but we can assume that the new mix of personalities will either make or break the ratings for American Idol. We have seen their ratings slip of the past few seasons and give over the number one slot to other hit reality show Dancing With The Stars. By adding some popular names to the staff, maybe we will see American Idol climb their way back to the top.

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