Barney Frank Says Passage Of HR2267 Unlikely Prior To Lame Duck Session
September 22nd, 2010- By Bryan Cross

Representative Barney Frank, the man behind the HR 2267 which calls for the legal regulation of online poker, said on Wednesday that he is “not optimistic” about the bill being passed prior to the elections of congress in November.

The Internet Gambling regulation, consumer protection and Enforcement act is a bill full of controversy and debate over the course of the last several months, with Frank trying to get it passed through the House Financial Services committee.

Kevin Bogardus, author of a website entitled The Hill, wrote an article on Frank’s bill in which he sites the fact that the representative Frank “doesn’t have a commitment from House leadership officials that they would move the bill before the lame duck session.”

Congress is set to adjourn on October 8, which would give the bill only a two-week period before the lame duck session begins.

Bogardus mentions a statement from the chairman of the Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, Michael Waxman, in which he says “The greatest odds for online gambling regulation legislation to be approved this year are for it to get done as part of a larger legislative package, primarily because of the opportunity to dedicate the considerable new revenue generated as an offset for another program or need. This is one of the few issues where broad support can be found on both sides of the aisle.”

Back in the month of August, Frank and several supporters of the online regulation of gambling in the United States were rather confident that the bill would be able to get passed on its own.  That however developed into the thinking that it may be quicker to get passed if it snagged on as an attachment to another bill.

As that idea dwindled, now it seems that Frank and his supporters may indeed have to wait until after the new elections, from which it is unclear on who will remain and who will come into  new positions with different stances on online poker regulation.

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