Monday Night Football Betting Lines: New Orleans Vs. San Francisco Game Prop Bets
September 20th 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers meet on Monday Night football in week two of the 2010 NFL season.  The Saints got a victory in their opener over the Minnesota Vikings, while the 49ers were blown away by Seattle.  As the calendar shifts, the 49ers will be fighting to stay out of the dreaded 0-2 hole, while the Saints look to continue their winning ways.

USA Online Sportsbooks have dubbed the Saints as the betting favorite on the road this week, but a number of other prop bets are available to bettors looking to wager on the game.  In addition to the line and over/under, oddsmaker have formulate numerous wagers not directly relating to the outcome of the match up, but is still an exciting way to become more involved.

Odds courtesy of Bodog Sportsbook

Team to score first in the game-

New Orleans  -145
San Francisco  +115

It’s pretty simple, pick the correct team to score first in the game and profit.  About as easy a bet as one can make, yet still plenty of money to be won.

The first score of the game will be?

Touchdown   -175
Field Goal Or Safety  +115

Odds favor a touchdown in this one, given the high powered Saints offense, and play-makers for the 49ers.

Will there be a score in the first 7:30 seconds of the game?

Yes -205
No +165

Will the offenses get off to a promising start, or will the defenses on both sides of the ball assert themselves?

New Orleans Saints total points scored-

Over/Under 24 Points

Over  -115
Under -115

The Saints could muster just 14 points in their season opener against the Vikings at home, but Brees and company have plenty of weapons.

San Francisco 49ers Total team points scored-

Over/Under 19 1/2 points

Over -115
Under -115

The 49ers scored six points against the Seahawks in Week one.

New Orleans Saints first half point total-

Over/Under 13 points

Over -140
Under +110

Simply pick whether or not the Saints will have over or under 13 points at halftime.  Choose correctly and win the bet.  If they score exactly 13 points, then it’s a push.

San Francisco 49ers first half point total-

Over/Under 10

Over -115
Under -115

Choose whether or not San Francisco will score more or less than 10 points in the first half of the game.

Longest Touchown of the game-

Over/Under 43 1/2 yards

Over -115
Under -115

Drew Brees threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to receiver Devery Henderson in the win over the Vikings, the longest score for either team in Week one.

Longest successful field goal in the game –

Over/Under 44 1/2 yards

Over -115
Under -115

Simply bet on whether or not the longest field goal kick mad in the game will exceed 45 yards or not, and win the bet if correct.

Total touchdowns in the game-

Over/Under 4 /12 touchdowns

Over -190
Under +155

Between the two teams in week one, they scored two touchdowns.  However, the talent on the offense for both teams may not be held down for long.

How Many three point field goals will be made in the game?

Over/Under  3 1/2

Over +145
Under -175

It comes down to whether or not the teams will score touchdowns or have to settle for field goals.  Red-zone offense will be a key to this wager.

Total QB Sacks in the game-

Over/Under 4

Over -105
Under -125

If defense wins the day, expect there to be sacks.  If it’s a shootout, the sacks will be at a minimum.

Will the game go to over time?

Yes +1000
No -2000

There was only one over time in week two of the 2010 NFL Season so far, when Washington was defeated by Houston.

Team to have the longest touchdown score in the game-

New Orleans Saints -135
San Fransisco 49ers +105

Pick which team will have the longest touchdown and profit.

Team to make the longest field goal in the game-

New Orleans Saints -120
San Fransisco 49ers -110

The first turnover of the game will be?

Fumble +135
Interception -150
No turnover in the game +900

Both defenses are relentless and aggressive, with the Saints prone to pick off passes and the 49ers prone to forcing fumbles courtesy of Patrick Willis.

First scoring play of the game?

New Orleans Saints touchdown 3/2
New Orleans Saints Field Goal 5/2
New Orleans Saints Safety 100/1

San Francisco 49ers touchdown 5/2
San Francisco 49ers Field Goal 7/2
San Francisco 49ers Safety 100/1.

Margin of Victory-

New Orleans Saints 1 to 3 points -5/1
New Orleans Saints 4 to 6 points -4/1
New Orleans Saints 7 to 10 points -11/2
New Orleans Saints 11 to 13 points -9/1
New Orleans Saints 14 to 17 points -12/1
New Orleans Saints 18 to 21 points -15/1
New Orleans Saints 22 or more points -10/1
San Francisco 49ers 1 to 3 points -5/1
San Francisco 49ers 4 to 6 points -7/1
San Francisco 49ers 7 to 10 points -9/1
San Francisco 49ers 11 to 13 points -12/1
San Francisco 49ers 14 to 17 points -15/1
San Francisco 49ers 18 to 21 points -20/1
San Francisco 49ers 22 or more points -12/1

Half Time / Full Time
Which team will be leading at half time and which team will win the game-

New Orleans Saints / New Orleans Saints 4/7
San Francisco 49ers / New Orleans Saints 5/1
Tie / New Orleans Saints 14/1
Tie / San Francisco 49ers 18/1
New Orleans Saints / San Francisco 49ers 7/1
San Francisco 49ers / San Francisco 49ers 3/1

Will there be a Special Teams or Defensive Touchdown scored in the game-

Yes +165
No -205

Team to have the Most First Downs-

New Orleans Saints 1st Downs -1½ (-135)
San Francisco 49ers 1st Downs +1½ (+105)

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