Swiss Casino Robbery Scores Big For Burglars

March 28th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

A recent armed raid against the Basel Grand Casino in Switzerland ended with the theft of over $240,000 dollars. This raid, reminiscent of such action fills as the “Oceans” series, ended with minor injuries and a number of shots fired.

The raid began when the ten burglars destroyed the outer door with a sledge hammer. They proceeded to fire warning shots into the air, sending the casino’s patrons to the ground. The harrowing, pulse raising experience continued with the staff and gamblers hitting the floor while the the bandits had cleared the cash registers. The safe remained secure, as the burglars could not crack it open.

Machine guns had reportedly been fired as they made their exit, which led to the two silver Audis that had been waiting to pick up the burglars. Casino patrons have claimed that the burglars spoke French, had French license plates, and were headed in the direction of the French border.

In a deft feat of investigative detective work, police concluded that there is a strong possibility that the robbers hail from France – “We are working on the assumption that there is a French Connection,” said a Basel police officer. Both Swiss and French authorities are now involved in the investigation.

Early reports have shown that several minor injuries occurred.

Though casino heists are often read about in the news, most past without incident and very few end with injuries. Earlier in March, a casino had been raided during the final table of the European Poker Tour, Berlin.

The best USA casinos are typically free from this form of robbery, as most of these casino players tend to enjoy the game from their home. Online casinos would carry similar slots and the same table games that land based casinos do, yet carry the security of one’s own home.

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