College Football Betting Preview: Auburn Tigers Play Host To Underdog Clemson Tigers

September 18th, 2010 – by Jimmy

An intraspecies matchup will be anything but a friendly affair when the #16 Auburn Tigers (2-0) play host to the Clemson Tigers (2-0) on Saturday Night at Jordan Hare Stadium. This game is scheduled to kick off at 7:00pm EST and will be broadcast on ESPN.

Starting the season in the top 25 was a honor for head coach Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers. They’ve done well up to this point by winning both of their opening contests, one of which was SEC opponent. Against Arkansas State, Auburn won easily, as they should, 52-26. Then, on Thursday Night Football, Auburn was able to outlast Mississippi State, in Starkville for a 17-14 victory. To this point, rushing has carried Auburn, but play from the QB position hasn’t been bad. If you can rush well enough to achieve the 9th ranked rushing attack, why change the gameplan?

For the Clemson Tigers, this will be a tough road test against a formidable SEC opponent. Clemson will have the hopes of the ACC riding with them after the conference had a terrible weekend last week. Nevertheless, Clemson will be looking out for number one and will only care about improving to 3-0 coming into this game. So far, Clemson has faced easy competition but has handled it the way any team of their caliber should. In the opener against North Texas, Clemson prevailed 35-10. In week 2, Clemson faced in state school Presbyterian. Against the Blue Hose, Clemson put up 58 points en route to a 58-21 victory. Auburn is sure to be nothing like what Clemson has faced so far this season, and oddsmakers are aware.

In the eyes of the Las Vegas oddsmakers, the Auburn Tigers are a clear favorite in this contest with Clemson. As it stands now, Auburn is a 7.5 point favorite over the visiting Clemson Tigers. A touchdown is a large margin even in college football which would lead one to think that Auburn should have no trouble beating Clemson straight up.

A touchdown is hard to touch if a bettor is looking at Auburn to cover the spread. Fortunately, there are several other ways to get action in on this game without having to bet straight up against the spread. For that, Bodog Sportsbook has presented College Football Team Proposition Betting which can be very fun because of the increased pace of action and hopefully profit.

Which Team Will Score First In The Game?

Clemson +135
Auburn -165

With the coin toss being a big determining factor is this bet, it really says something that oddsmakers would favor Auburn to score first so heavily over Clemson. This bet could go either way meaning there could be great value in taking Clemson.

What Will Be The First Scoring Play Of The Game?

Touchdown -250
Field Goal or Safety +195

Contrary to popular belief, the touchdown is favored to be the first scoring play in this game. While it is easier to kick an easy field goal off a stalled drive, oddsmakers feel confident the first score will be for six points and not three or two.

First Scoring Play Of The Game And Team To Score:

Clemson Touchdown: 12/5
Clemson Field Goal: 7/2
Clemson Any Other Scoring Play: 55/1

Auburn Touchdown: 13/10
Auburn Field Goal: 33/10
Auburn Any Other Scoring Play: 50/1

With Auburn being favored to win the game, it only makes sense that their group of bets for this proposition be favored over Clemson. Leading the way for both teams is touchdown, followed by field goal, and then by any other scoring play. An Auburn Touchdown looks to be what the oddsmakers have ordered up, but only play on the field will tell.

Will There Be A Score In The First 6 Minutes Of Game Play?

Yes -140
No +110

Looking at the odds, it is clear that the oddsmakers predict scoring to happen early. Generally, the first 6 minutes is only enough time for one or maybe two possessions. Considering that will explain exactly how confident the online sportsbooks are about this bet though good value can be found in opting for “No.”

Will The Special Teams Or Defense Score Points In The Game?

Yes +155
No -190

Clearly the defenses and special teams are not favored to take a turnover or kickoff/punt to the house. This normally doesn’t happen in most football games anyway unless everything goes perfect. The easiest way to win the “Yes” bet is for an interception to occur on a short out route. Generally this gives the defender a clear shot to the endzone. Both Auburn and Clemson focus offenses on running which further cuts down on the possibility of an interception for a touchdown.

Longest Touchdown of The Game:

Over 52.5 Yards -115
Under 52.5 Yards -115

If either team scores a touchdown 53 yards or longer, the over wins. If the longest touchdown of the game is 52 yards or less, the under wins. With both teams focusing on the rush, it is unlikely to see a 53 yard plus rush for a TD. For the over to hit, it will most likely have to come on long touchdown pass.

First Turnover Of The Game:

Interception -175
Fumble +145
No Turnovers +800

There is good value to be found in betting on Fumble because of the propensity of both teams to rush. While a fumble is harder to recover than a touchdown, there simply may not be much passing in this game, especially if Auburn is having success on the ground.

Which Team Will Have More First Downs?

Clemson +2 (-120)
Auburn -2 (-110)

Oddsmakers have handicapped this line and given the Clemson Tigers a cushion of 2 first downs. Basically, if Clemson has one less, as many, or more first downs than Auburn, Clemson wins the bet. If Auburn has 3 or more first downs more than Clemson, Auburn wins the bet. A push is possible should the margin end up being exactly 2 first downs in favor of Auburn.

Clemson Total Points:

Over 24 Points: -110
Under 24 Points: -120

If Clemson scores 25 or more points, the over wins. If Clemson scores 23 points or less, the under wins. A push is a possibility should Clemson score exactly 24 points. Outcome of this game does not affect the outcome of the bet.

Auburn Total Points:

Over 31.5 Points: -110
Under 31.5 Points: -120

If Auburn scores 32 or more points, the over wins. If Auburn scores 31 or less points, the under wins. A push is not possible due to the half point betting line.

All odds courtesy of Bodog Sportsbook. Go to Bodog for more College Football Betting Odds

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