2010 NFL Week 2 Previews: Tennessee Titans Giving 5 1/2 Points To Pittsburgh Steelers
September 16th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans meet in week two of the 2010 NFL Season, each coming off of a big win for different reasons.

For the Steelers, it was the first regular season game of four, which will be without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger while he serves his four-game suspension.  That, made the over time win of Atlanta that much bigger, as back up quarterback Dennis Dixon got the win.

For the Titans, it was a thorough domination of the Oakland Raiders, as they were firing in all facets of the game. Quarterback Vince Young showed signs that he is making significant process as a passer in this league, as well as a runner. Last year’s offensive MVP running back Chris Johnson produced what has come to be expected, 142 yards and a touchdown.

Looking ahead at this one, the Titans will probably find points more difficult to come by against the Pittsburgh defense versus Oakland’s from last week.  The Titans offense starts and ends right now with Johnson, and the Steelers will get a heavy dose of No.32 all afternoon long.  If they prove they can stop him, Young has shown signs that he can beat you with his legs, and is now more than capable of making the tough throws down the field.  That makes Tennessee more dangerous on offense, as shown by the 38 points that they put up in week one.

For the Steelers, No.32 is the focal point this week, with no. 10 a close second.  The Steelers will commit seven players up front to start the game, and see how they can control the line up front.  If they can keep Johnson in check with seven, it will make their day a lot easier.  If not, both Johnson and Young could be in for big days.

On the other side of the ball, Dixon showed composure in a game in which points were difficult to come by against Atlanta, and did enough to win in sudden death, courtesy of a 50-yard touchdown run in over time.  Mendenhall will be a key component this week against the Titans defense.  Tennessee surrendered 95 yards rushing to Oakland running back Darren McFadden in Week One, as McFadden also caught a touchdown out of the backfield.  One can bet the Steelers are watching film on how to penetrate the Titan defense to see what McFadden did.

Defensively for the Titans, look for them to put the ball in Dixon’s hands and try and take away Mendenhall from the offense.  That, will be the key match up to pay attention to, Mendenhall versus the Tennessee linebackers.

USA Online Sportsbooks and NFL Weekly Betting Lines have set the Titans as a 5 1/2-point favorite at home this week over the Steelers.  The over/under for the contest sits at 36 1/2- points.

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