Sportsbooks Offer Betting Odds On Paris Hilton’s Next Dose Of Poison

September 16th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Is Paris Hilton following down the same path as Brittney and Lindsay? Celebrity law has shown to be flexible for many of Hollywood’s elite. If you take the laws that have been broken by Brittney, Lindsay, and Paris and charge an average citizen with these violations you would have years behind bars. In their case you have a total combined time of only 20 days. Paris is facing 4 years in prison for allegations of drug possession that could land her behind bars without the chance of V.I.P. Celebrity status does have it benefits when it comes to doing all the wrong things. Paris is no stranger to the correctional system; she previously served a total of 1 day for previous drug possession conviction. She claims that the cocaine that fell out of her purse wasn’t actually hers. She also claims that the purse she was carrying with all of her belongings in it was not hers as well.

Paris Hilton is not exactly famous for any rolls in any box office premiers. So acting is probably not the best defense when trying to claim that the purse with the cocaine is not hers. Will Paris face the same scrutiny as Roger Clements if found not only guilty for drug possession but also for perjury? Time will only tell, but if history proves itself. She will serve hard time in some 5 star drug recovery programs and only be allowed to party 2 times a week instead of 5. Money can’t buy love, but it certainly can buy freedom.

Online sportsbooks have decided to issue entertainment betting odds on not just when Paris Hilton will find herself in the hands of the law, but what exactly she will be in trouble with. It seems as if every celebrity has their choice of poison and it is obvious that the more money one has, the better the party supplies.

Paris Hilton’s Next Drugs Bust     Hide
Singles Only. Applies to the next illegal drug Paris Hilton is arrested for possession of. Paddy Power decision is final in settlement of this market. Others on Request

Cocaine     5/4
Marijuana / Cannabis     6/4
Ecstasy / MDMA     4/1
Amphetamines     5/1
LSD     8/1
Crack Cocaine     8/1
Mushrooms     12/1
Ketamine     12/1
Heroin     20/1

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