BBC Opens Up Investigation Into Online Poker Cheating
September 15th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Online Poker is popular across the United States and the World, but with it comes to the potential for scandals, as with anything over the Internet.  Question of whether or not players have the ability to cheat the system has come to light for the BBC this past week as they have announced the start of an investigation into this possibility.

This, comes after a summer in which, the world’s largest online poker company, was caught up in the middle of a cheating scandal that caused approximately 25,00 members to be out over $2 million.  It was a cheating ring that allowed the players to stay in online poker tournaments for a greater period of time, unrenowned to other innocent players that they were in fact being cheated.

A former employee of cites the fact that the because of the company growing rapidly, the potential for cheating grows and becomes easier to do.

“We had a hard job keeping up, just because of the volume of complaints from players [about suspected cheating],” the employee said.

“Not that all of the complaints were legitimate – 95 percent were just bitter [customers] because they lost, and there was no collusion. But Pokerstars still pledged to investigate them all.”

It is not yet clear how far in depth or how long the investigation that the BBC will conduct will last.

As this goes on, the continued debate over the legalization of USA Online Poker and deposit methods in the country continues to move forward and remain in Washington as the bill is further developed.

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