2011 Oscars Already Creating Buzz At Online Sportsbooks

September 15th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

One of the most anticipated award ceremonies is that of the Oscars and although we are still several months away from the list of nominees to be revealed, online sportsbooks are already offering entertainment betting odds on which film will take home the 2011 Oscar for Best Picture. All of the red carpet events draw a lot of attention to the media and everyone who anyone in Hollywood will be sure to make it to this event. Life styles of the rich and famous do not go without notice and the Oscars will encourage those to strut their wallets with some of the biggest parties of the year.

The Oscars are officially called the Academy Awards and is recognized as one of the most prestigious awards someone in the film industry can receive. The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is made up of a panel which decides those in the film industry that displayed excellence in one way or another. This will include, actors, actresses, directors and writers. This award is one of the oldest ceremonies of its kind and by far one of the most popular. The first Academy Award was handed out back in May of 1929 and since has graced the trophy case of thousands of people in the film industry.

There are many films that are sure to be noticed by the Academy at the 2011 Oscars. Movies such as Inception displayed not only some of the best acting in the careers of the cast, but one of the most intriguing story lines created. Inception is a film that leaves viewers questioning what they witnessed and leading the film as topic of discussion. Often times the way a film becomes success and instant success, is when a view audience is left with something to talk about, which is exactly the case for Inception.

The Social Network is another story that is creating a media buzz. Social Network is similar to the real life story of the Harvard students that created one of the most successful social networks to date, Facebook. Although the actual creators were not involved in the making of the film, the plot is somewhat similar to what has been told to the public about their journey to a multi billion dollar company. The films is set to be released in October of 2010 and is already be labeled as a must see.

Those are just two of the movies that have and will impress audiences around the world, but the real question is, Will they impress enough to score an Oscar?

Applies to the winner of the 2011 Oscar for Best Picture. All in run or not.

Another Year     7/1
The Kids Are All Right     10/1
The Fighter     20/1
Love and Other Drugs     7/1
127 Hours     12/1
Shutter Island     20/1
Toy Story 3     7/1
Black Swan     12/1
Secretariat     20/1
The Tree of Life     8/1
Winter’s Bone     14/1
Get Low     20/1
True Grit     8/1
Somewhere     14/1
Fair Game     25/1
The Social Network     8/1
The King’s Speech     14/1
The American     33/1
Inception     10/1
Miral     18/1
Never Let Me Go     33/1

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