America’s Got Talent Coming To An End, Online Sportsbooks Predict Winner

September 14th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

America’s Got Talent Season 5 is coming to a close. We are just moments away from hearing which of the top four finalists will be crowned the new winner of America’s Got Talent and already, online sportsbooks are predicting the winner. America was given a very tough job this time around, and even judges stated that this line up is the best they have seen on the show thus far. The judges did a remarkable job of rounding up the most talented acts America had to offer and after hundreds of thousands of auditions, America was left with the job of deciding which acts are good enough for their own Vegas show.

Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm are who America decided had the best entertainment to offer. Each of the acts that made it through to the finals were well deserving of being there. Some for their rare and natural talent, some for the stories behind their journey to stardom. All the acts in this season have made America’s Got Talent season 5 a huge success.

The top four finalist have brought this talent show to a new level. Jackie Evancho is a ten year old opera singer that has amazed America will her rare vocal talents at such a young age. Since her first performance on the show, she has been leading entertainment betting odds as the contestant most likely to take home the title. Her competition will certainly not make it easy for her, however.

Fighting Gravity is one of the most unique acts in the competition this season. They have been a fan favorite since the beginning and no matter what the turn out it, they are sure to have their name in the headlines.

Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm are two very talented singers, but in different ways. Poppycock has a theater like theme to his act, while Michael simply sings from his heart. Both are two acts anyone would pay to see.

In just a short time, we will have our new winner of season 5 of America’s Got Talent and online bettors were wish they had placed a wager using one of the many betting types found online.

Jackie Evancho     -200
Fighting Gravity     +275
Prince Poppycock     +450
Michael Grimm     +1200

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