New Jersey Gambling Interests Still Divided Through Second Summit

September 13th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Officials in New Jersey have been locked in heavy debate over gambling interests in the state. The north against south, Meadowlands against Atlantic City – a veritable civil war between two floundering industries.

One major cause of debate is over whether or not Meadowlands should allow extra forms of gambling. The track has been in trouble over the past years, as they have had to contend with racinos from surrounding states, Pennsylvania’s new casinos, and the gambling haven that is Atlantic City.

One cause of debate has come from the fact that Atlantic City is also floundering. Extra competition from the incorporation of casino games into the state would invariably cause Atlantic City further stress from receding revenue.

The idea is that the incorporation of gaming into the racetrack Meadowlands would generate revenue in the hundreds of millions. This much needed revenue would help Meadowlands recover their slow trickle of income.

Another debate that had been taken to the summit was that of the possibility of Intrastate online gambling. The proposal to allow New Jersey gambling companies to operate New Jersey Online gambling sites solely for residents of the states has been one that has been heavily debated. The possibility of sports betting had also been a subject of discussion.

The states casinos are in dire need of assistance, and Meadowlands may not receive the help necessary to stay afloat.

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