July Another Losing Month For Nevada Gambling Revenue

September 11th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The weak economy has continued to be a blight for Nevada and its different gambling centers. In July, Nevada’s gambling dens won roughly $830 million dollars from players.

Gambling regulators reported a 4.9 percent drop from July of 2009. The tax revenue collected had also dropped significantly. The state has taken almost $50 million dollars as their cut, which is nearly 13 percent less than July of 2009’s tax collection.

Some good news has come of the report, as there have been less double digit declines this year than last year.

Revenue from table games, especially baccarat, have been on the rise. Table games have risen 3.5 percent from July of 2009. Baccarat has risen 9.1% over the same period.

Slot machines have taken a significant blow. Winnings fell 9 percent over July of 2009.

The Las Vegas Strip has remained relatively consistent in its earnings.

The USA online gambling options, especially online casinos and the USA online sportsbooks, have been on the rise. Players are joining these sites regularly, and the federal government is even considering regulating the games.

The regulation of online gambling could bring in billions on a federal level, with each state standing to collect significant revenue from the taxes collected.

With the next legislative session about to begin, the legalization of these games could be right around the corner.

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