America’s Got Talent Betting Odds Taking Over Online Sportsbooks

September 7th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

America has more talent than ever, and thanks to one of the best reality shows around, we at home get to be part of all the action. One of the best things about reality game shows is that the public gets to have a say so in how the show turns out.

America’s Got Talent is one of the most competitive talent competitions we have seen, and this season is really ending up to be one of the biggest battles to the finish we have seen yet. The auditions process for this season seem to be somewhat of a let down when it first started, but as the weeks went by and the acts challenged themselves even more.  Now we have discovered that there were some very extraordinary acts in this seasons competition, as well as the fact that they were developing into super stars right before our eyes.

America’s Got Talent has had to let go of some very talented acts over the past several weeks, but what we have ended up with is one of the tightest competition of top ten acts America’s Got Talent has ever seen. America has witnessed stars being born right before our eyes. Opera singing sensation Jackie Evancho has become an instant star overnight, thanks to America’s Got Talent. This little lady has amazed everyone who has ever heard such a strong voice come out of any one’s mouth, let along a child. The video of her first appearance on the show has received millions of hits on YouTube. People are in disbelieve that the sounds of an angel and well seasoned performer could come out of a 10 year old. child. What is even more amazing is her grace and poise at such a young age. She is one of the most well spoken and mature 10 year old kids most of us have ever seen.

What ever this competition has in store for Jackie Evancho, one thing is for certain, she has already won the hearts of America and will have a long successful career ahead of her. America can not wait to see this star develop right before our eyes. Online sportsbooks have already named Jackie the winner of this season of America’s Got Talent, according to entertainment betting odds listed at some of the top gambling sites online.

Jackie Evancho     +100
Fighting Gravity     +200
Michael Grimm     +750
Prince Poppycock     +800
Michael Grasso     +1000
Taylor Mathews     +2000
Anna and Patryk     +4000
Studio One Young Beast Society     +4000
Christina and Ali     +5000
Jeremy Vanschoonhoven     +5000

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