Darrelle Revis Ends Contract Holdout With The New York Jets
September 6, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

After a contract negotiation that has been on going for the last several months, the New York Jets have secured their man.

All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis has ended his contract hold out over the weekend, and will join his teammates in time for New York’s opener on September 12th.

Revis had been holding out during the Jets’ preseason camp for the last 35 days, opting instead to work out on his own as the two parties tried to come to terms on a contract agreement.

“I’m coming home baby!!! Revis Island. Let’s Go,” Revis said by way of Twitter.

ESPN reports that Revis will sign a four-year contract according to Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets’ general manager.  While Tannenbaum did not elaborate on the details of the contract, ESPN reports it is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $46 million, with approximately $32 million guaranteed.

Revis would have been owed $21 million over the course of the next three seasons had he stuck under his current contract, which was guaranteed.  Under the new contract, Revis will now receive $11 million more in guarantees, to go along with an extra year on his contract.

“This is an intermediate step to what we hope will be an entire career of Darrelle as a Jet, for him to retire as a Jet and for him to hopefully go to the Hall of fame as a Jet,” Tannenbaum stated.

Over the weekend, head coach Rex Ryan and Jets’ owner Woody Johnson flew to Florida and met with Revis and his family, along with Sean Gilbert, who played several seasons in the NFL.  In fact, Gilbert sat out the duration of a season over contract difference with the Washington Redskins.

“Those guys going down there was a huge step,” Tannenbaum remarked.

“I really wasn’t optimistic, I really wasn’t,” Tannenbaum added. “It was a hard set of dynamics. I’m optimistic by nature, but gosh, this was really hard. There was a lot of heavy lifting. This honestly and truly was really, really hard.”

Tannenbaum took to the phone with Revis’ agents in Florida,and by 10pm on Sunday night, an agreement between the two parties was reached, ensuring that Revis would play for the Jets this season.

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