Entertainment Betting Just Got Better With Odds On The Rich & Famous

September 6th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have shown that the best way to keep their names in the headlines is to break the law. It seems as if these two party girls cannot seem to get their act together, or at least make sure the law is not around when they let their party lifestyle get the best of them.

Over the past several years, Lindsay Lohan has been the center of attention for the gossip columns. She has seen the inside or a courtroom more in the past year than most people see their entire lifetime. It seems as if she just does not get how the judicial system works, so she keeps putting it to the test. Lucky for her, celebrities do not receive any real punishment for their crimes. It appears as if the resort like jails that the judges continue to send these Hollywood bad girls are over crowded with too many hard criminals, you know the ones that have too many parking tickets.

The jails seem to magically be over crowded each and every time celebrities are sentenced to jail time. Maybe if they would send them somewhere other than the luxurious California jails, they would actually see the punishment for their mischievous behavior.

Paris Hilton was recently arrested for allegedly having an illegal substance in her possession. Now of course she is claiming it was not hers, and of course she must be telling the truth because a rich celebrity would never lie to officers of the law. It is likely that this incident will be brushed under the carpet and Paris will see no consequences for her actions. After hearing the excuses that these young Hollywood stars have come up with, if nothing else, they should be charged with being completely stupid.

The public is so used to hearing about things like this, they are actually having a little fun with it this go round. Online sportsbooks are offering entertainment betting odds on which of the two Hollywood trouble makers will be behind bars first. Even if it is for a limited amount of time. Online bettors are all over these odds and most likely, a good bet would be that one if not both will get themselves in trouble again. They have not let us down in the past.

Current Affairs Prop: Will Paris or Lindsay be the next to be jailed?
Lindsay Lohan     -140
Paris Hilton     +100

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