Online Sportsbooks Predicting Winner Of America’s Got Talent

September 3rd, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

There is one thing that can be said about America’s favorite talent show competition, and that is the fact that the judges have actually delivered talent this season. While some of the acts seen throughout the auditions process have been down right ridiculous, this season has really made it a tough decision for the judges of America’s Got Talent. It seems as if America has gotten it right with the top ten. America’s Got Talent now has their top ten. Online sportsbooks are already offering betting odds on which up and coming star will be taking home the cash and the title of the winner of America’s Got Talent.

Jackie Evancho has been blessed with a very extraordinary vocal gift that most aspiring performers spend years and years training for. Her unique opera voice had made her the talk of the season and an instant super star. There is no doubt that the life of this young performer will forever be changed. Although it would look nice on her resume to be named winner of America’s Got Talent, her talent is so amazing that she has already been named a star. Howie said it right when he said, “you are like an angel from another planet.”

While Jackie Evancho steals the show every time she takes the stage, another fan favorite is close behind as far as entertainment betting odds go. Fighting Gravity is an act that people would love to see time and time again. Their routines are unique and entertaining week after week. They are by far one of the best acts in the completion. Fighting Gravity is definitely an act that would fit right in on the Vegas strip.

Those are just two of the ten acts America has to chose from this season, which is making this season a very close race. While some acts seem like a sure win, fans are still responsible for voting for their favorite act in order to keep them in the competition. The next few weeks will be crucial for all acts and their journey to a new career is well on its way.

To win America’s Got Talent – Season 5
Closing Date: Sep 07, 2010 20:00 GMT -4
Option     Win Odds
Jackie Evancho     +110
Fighting Gravity     +200
Michael Grimm     +700
Prince Poppycock     +700
Michael Grasso     +900
Taylor Mathews     +2000
Studio One Young Beast Society     +3500
Anna and Patryk     +4000
Christina and Ali     +5000
Jeremy Vanschoonhoven     +5000

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