Hurricane Earl Irrigates Intertops, Interrupts Gambling Sites

August 31st, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

When Hurricane Earl had reached Antigua, the small island nation was given cause for concern. The possibility of property damage had been a prevalent idea, and some infrastructure had ultimately damaged.

In the damage, one of the world’s leading online gambling sites had been affected. Intertops, a sportsbook that has been operating online since 1996, had taken a blow in the outage.

During the outage, Intertops had issued a statement via e-mail to inform players that they were aware of the problem and were working diligently to recover from the damage that Hurricane Earl had caused.

Pummeled by the hurricane, the online gambling haven of Antigua had experienced one of the worst encounters with nature in years. With several online casinos and sportsbooks hailing from this small island paradise, many players had been worried that they would have experienced a loss of play time.

Though Intertops had suffered a small degree of down time, the sportsbook has managed to recover from the damages incurred. The recovery was speedy and successful.

Hurricane Earl managed to speed up to be a category three hurricane. Carrying winds over 100 miles per hour. The hurricane is expected to move up the eastern coast of the United States, and it is not expected to make land fall.

No more USA online gambling sites are expected to be impacted by the tempest.

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