Entertainment Betting Odds Predicting Next Presidential Election

March 26th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

The U.S. Presidential election is one of the most important election that voters will journey to the polls for, and after what we have seen lately from government officials, the next election is something that is weighing on the minds of every American that votes. No matter which side of the fence people’s political stands are on, what we have recently seen from congress has given every American doubt as to how this country is ran.

Obama made it in to office with promises that up until this point, he has been unable to fulfill. To say that Obama has been a let down to the American people would be an understatement. While he did in fact come in to office faced with the hardships of the economy, health care, and war, his voice was heard loud and clear by the American people and we were expecting much better results than what we have seen.

Since in office 12 federal investigations were conducted, and the result was billions of dollars found in federal small business contracts had been released to large Fortune 500 corporations, breaking the stimulus plan for small business that he promised time and time again. American is run through small business and if the government can not support the small businesses, often ran by middle class individuals, where does that leave the US?

The list of broken promises goes on and on, and yet he remains in control, and claiming to be acting for the better good of the American people. While he has the support of democrats all over the country, every day that goes by with little change for the better, the number of dissatisfied Americans grows – on both sides of the fence.

The good news in the entire situation is that in just a couple short years, the American people will be able to do something about it. Speculations are flying as to if President Obama will remain in office after the next election. Unless some drastic measures are taken to improve our country for all people, he may have a much bigger task at hand trying to win another term.

Will the next presidential election be one where America will step up, or will it be as humorous as some online sportsbooks consider the issue to be? Entertainment betting lines found on BetED sportsbook not only list Obama as a possible candidate for the next election, but also Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton and Will Smith. Will Smith, maybe, but are we really saying that our country would be better off in the hands of Paris Hilton? Now, that’s HOT.

Barack Obama    -125
Mitt Romney    +700
Haley Barbour    +900
Sarah Palin    +1000
Hillary Clinton    +1000
Newt Gingrich    +1200
John Boehner    +1600
Joe Biden    +1600
Mike Huckabee    +2000
Tim Pawlenty    +2200
Jon Huntsman    +2500
Bobby Jindal    +2500
Bill Owens    +3300
Chuck Hagel    +3300
Fred Thompson    +3300
David Patraeus    +4000
Lindsey Graham    +4000
Rudolph Giuliani +4000
Chuck Baldwin    +4000
Jeb Bush    +4000
Evan Bayh    +4000
Tom Ridge    +5000
Ron Paul    +5000
George Allen    +6600
Al Gore            +6500
John McCain    +6500
Condaleeza Rice    +6500
John Edwards    +6500
George Pataki    +8000
Bill Frist    +8000
Jim Webb    +10000
Kathleen Sebelius +10000
Tim Kaine    +10000
Arnold Schwarzenegger    +10000
Sam Bownback    +10000
Janet Napolitano +10000
John Kerry    +10000
Michael Bloomberg +10000
Mark Warner    +15000
Caroline Kennedy +15000
Dick Cheney    +15000
Will Smith    +20000
Paris Hilton    +25000
Laura Bush    +25000     –

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