Kyle Orton Signs One-Year Contract Extension, Gives Brady Quinn And Tim Tebow Time To Develop

August 21, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

The Denver Broncos left no question unanswered as to who their starting quarterback will be for at least the next two seasons. The team signed Kyle Orton to a one-year extension in hopes to bring stability to the position, and to give their two young backups time to develop. The team’s 2010 weekly NFL matchups look a little more favorable with a starting quarterback for the future now in place.

When Denver brought in Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow via trade and the draft respectively, Orton didn’t see it as a sign of disrespect. He knows that no job in the NFL is ever secure without consistency. The Broncos were only consistent in the first half of the 2009 season before losing eight of their next 10 games.

“I think that’s the case for 26, 27 teams in the NFL. They’re always trying to replace the quarterback,” Orton said Friday.

The strides made by Orton in understanding the offensive scheme of head coach Josh McDaniels made the contract offer a no-brainier by the team. Orton’s ankles have also fully healed, and he has made himself the clear starter in camp.

“That’s just life in this league, life at this position. They’re going to try to bring in somebody better and younger and all that stuff,” Orton added. “But ultimately, as long as the decision is made on the field and based on play, you really can’t have any gripes about it. Fortunately, that’s been the case and I’ve played well.”

In the first pre-season contest for the Broncos, Orton threw two touchdown passes against the Cincinnati Bengals. He was able to get the two touchdowns in only three series, and his head coach took notice.

“He’s certainly a different player, there’s no question about it,” McDaniels said. “There’s things that he does now every day that there’s no way he was ready to do last year in our system: his ability to communicate with our players, to change plays, to get out of a bad play. I think the trust that the players have in him … That’s something that comes with time, experience, knowledge, hard work and just repetition.

The Broncos traded Jay Cutler for Orton, a move that proved beneficial as Orton had his best professional season as a starter in the NFL in terms of passing yards with 3,802 yards. He started the season for the Broncos well before they went on a four-game slide after the bye week.

Now, the Broncos are looking to win the AFC West, and are set just under the San Diego Chargers by Bodog sportsbook at +650 odds. Their Super Bowl XLV odds have been set 65/1.

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