Ex-USC Running Backs Coach Todd McNair Appeals NCAA Sanctions, Online Sportsbooks Erase Trojans’ Post-Season Lines

August 18, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

Following the sanctions placed on USC by the NCAA, a former Trojans coach has come forward and appealed the findings by the governing body of college football. Todd McNair was one of the main figures named in the NCAA’s investigation, and is now making an effort to clear his name.

The best USA sportsbooks have erased odds for the Trojans to win the Pac-10 and BCS championship games because of their two-year post-season ban. USC is now on probation for a total of four years, and was forced to vacate 14 total wins from December 2004 to December 2005. That includes an Orange Bowl win for the 2005 BCS National Championship.

In an appeal filed Tuesday, McNair says that the NCAA Committee on Infractions mistakenly reported the facts of the case to condemn the school beyond what was really deserved. The appeal also states that the committee used false statements to convict McNair of a “show cause” penalty.

The committee found USC guilty of “lack of institutional control” that resulted in a loss of scholarships as well as the post-season ban. The key player in the investigation was former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, who allegedly received illegal benefits according to the NCAA. The university returned their copy Bush’s Heisman trophy to show the NCAA good faith that their program was committed to taking steps towards a positive change.

During Bush’s time with the team, online sportsbooks such as DSI sportsbook continually had favorable odds for the Trojans while the running back tore up opposing defenses.

McNair was accused of knowing about the benefits Bush received through his rumored business arrangement with Lloyd Lake. The NCAA report accused McNair of providing the committee with false information regarding their relationship.

The former running backs coach says that the committee used “an erroneously low standard” in finding that his testimony was less than credible. McNair also says that he was denied due process because USC was not allowed to participate in the interview with Lake and his family.

“Specifically, the [Committee on Infractions] found that McNair’s recollection of certain events was less likely than other versions and then used that innocuous finding to cast grave doubt on McNair’s credibility,” the appeal said.

The appeal also states that the Infractions Committee used illegal communications to convict McNair. His contract expired earlier in the year with USC, and because of the “show cause” penalty is prevented from contact with all recruits for at least one year.

“If the COI is going to denounce an individual’s credibility in a public infractions report, it must find that the individual made statements that are unbelievable, inconceivable, unimaginable or unthinkable, not merely unlikely.”

Though their college football future betting lines have been erased, USC still has one of the elite football programs in the Pac-10. In two years, bettors should find favorable odds for them to win the conference once again.

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