Battle Of The Best Drama Series Hits Online Sportsbooks

August 13th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

The Emmy nominees have been announced and one category that is drawing attention even from the online sportsbooks is that of Best Drama Series. Television just would not be the same with out the drama that comes from some of the most dramatic series around. Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men, The Good Wife, and True Blood have all gained quite an audience and are all equally deserving of the Emmy for Best Drama Series.

Two of the series that stand out from the rest are The Good Wife and True Blood. It seems as if America is having a love affair with vampires these days. True Blood has become a fan favorite to viewers of all ages. The Good Wife is a drama series that everyone loves to hate. You put a mixed up marriage in the political spotlight and you have a drama series. These two drama series have gained millions of viewers and that number is expected to continue to grow with many more seasons to come. Both are two of the best series on television, but only one show was the dramatic effect to take home an Emmy this season.

Entertainment betting is a fun and exciting way for fans to get in on the red carpet action. All the nominees deserve recognition for delivering some of the most dramatic episodes we have seen in some time. Unfortunately only one can win. The betting types listed online are indicating a close race but no matter which one manages to win the title, they are all deserving of being in the same category.

Breaking Bad                  9/2
Dexter                               4/1
Lost                                    5/2
Mad Men                          13/10
The Good Wife                8/1
True Blood                      10/1

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