Pennsylvania Casinos Create Over 12,000 New Jobs With Slots And Table Games

August 12th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The state of Pennsylvania made the decision to bring in table games to their local casinos in hopes of increasing revenue and the gambling industry within the state.  Those who were in favor of the proposal and implementation of the table games argued that not only would it increase revenue, but would create many jobs as well.  So far, they were right, as many jobs have been created from this project.

In fact, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board said that approximately 12,700 jobs in total have been created by the new table games, plus an additional 8,000 for construction workers who are currently building five new casino projects within the state of Pennsylvania.

What’s more officials say, is that 90 percent of those who are now employed reside in the state of Pennsylvania.

“And we did it with very comprehensive regulations and a more-than-adequate test period before the games went into operation” said Control Board Chairman Gregory Fajt. “The benefits of table games in Pennsylvania are real.”

Just by adding the new table games, 4,464 jobs were created in the month of July as the games rolled out and were made available to the playing public.

“So far table games have been very good for Pennsylvania,” states official Dante Santoni. “They have put more than 4,000 people to work and increased tourism, which means more dollars going into the general fund so we can continue providing important services to Pennsylvanians without raising taxes.”

Pennsylvania Casinos
has generated more tax revenue more than any other state in the country, totaling over $1 billion.

In total, there are nine operational casinos in Pennsylvania, with five more currently under construction and due to open complete with table games.

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