Senator Raymond Lesniak Sends Letter To Donald Trump Over Atlantic City Casinos

August 11th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The discussions and debates relating to the Atlantic City casinos industry in the state of New Jersey continues to be a hot topic for both the state government and New Jersey gambling officials.

This week, Senator Raymond Lesniak, who is trying to make a move towards legalizing Internet gambling in the state of New Jersey as well as sports betting.  Lesniak wrote and sent a letter to Donald Trump regarding the issue of Meadowlands Casino in the state of New Jersey.

“Dear Mr. Trump,” Lesniak said by way of the letter. “We need a casino owner with vision and gravitas to propose a casino in the Meadowlands with a commitment to invest a percentage of the profits in Atlantic City to transform it into a tourist and entertainment destination.

“The Atlantic City casinos oppose this plan because it would take away business at their New York and Pennsylvania locations,” the letter read. “Enclosed is the Lesniak Plan and a business model for Project Meadowlands. Go for it!”

Lesniak’s plan does not coincide  directly with governor Chris Christie’s plan, who would like to overhaul the Atlantic City district with governmental control and keeping the gambling industry alive and revitalized only in that area.  He believes that by adding slot machines in the Meadowlands area, it could generate a fantastic revenue source. Lesniak believes that roughly $1 billion should be spent to help get Atlantic City back on track.

“I believe thinking can evolve on it, and if [the governor] really looked at what’s best for New Jersey and Atlantic City, and not what’s best for the casinos’ interests outside of New Jersey, he’d support my proposal,” Lesniak said.

Many attribute the recent struggles of Atlantic City to those neighboring states bringing in table games, most notably the state of Pennsylvania.

“So far, table games have been very good for Pennsylvania,” remarked Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Chairman Dante Santoni. “They have put more than 4,000 people to work.”

Pennsylvania Casinos showed a near 18 percent increase in revenue in the month of July from a year ago.

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