Raiders’ NFL Betting Lines Not Increased With Addition Of Jason Campbell

August 11, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

After seven consecutive seasons of 10 or more losses for the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis believes the addition of Jason Campbell will take them out of the basement in the AFC West. The Raiders’ owner predicted that Campbell will pull off a turn around much like Jim Plunkett in 1980.

“I really liken this team a great deal to the team of 1980, in which the great Jim Plunkett pulled us out of the doldrums, took us to the Super Bowl as a wild card, and we had so many great players who eventually made their way into the Hall of Fame,” Davis told a reporter with Sirius NFL Radio.

Campbell began his career with the Washington Redskins, and suffered from injury and coaching changes. Davis believes those situations never allowed the young quarterback to reach his full potential. He was traded to the Raiders in April, and is projected to be the starter after the release of JaMarcus Russell.

With the Redskins, Campbell started 52 games and posted a record of 20-32. He threw for 55 touchdowns and 38 interceptions, while earning a passer rating of 82.3. Sportsbooks accepting USA players didn’t tend favor the Redskins during that stretch.

The former Auburn Tiger had his best season a year ago, completing 64.5 percent of his passes. Campbell threw for 20 touchdowns, but was picked off 15 times. His passer rating was above his career average at 86.4, but his team finished 4-12 at the end of the season.

“I see this young Jason Campbell as a football player like I saw Jim Plunkett. He has everything. He was 13-0 in college, at Auburn, he can throw up the field, he can run, he’s big, he’s smart,” Davis said. “I really predict great things for him. I hope he doesn’t let me down. I don’t think he will,” Davis added.

Plunkett became the Raiders’ starting quarterback after Dan Pastorini broke his leg early in the 1980 season. He led the team to a 11-5 record and a Wild Card birth, something though impossible after Pastorini went down.

The addition of new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is Davis’ solution to fix an offense that finished second to last in points-per-game and total offense last season according to the 2010 Raiders season preview. The team finished with an almost identical record as the Redskins at 5-11, and went 2-4 in the division.

“We have a bright new young offensive coordinator in Hue Jackson, and I just have great hopes for this young team,” Davis said. “It’s a very young team, but I do have hopes for it.”

The Raiders’ Super Bowl XLV odds are still among the underdogs with Campbell at the helm according to DSI sportsbook at +8500.

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