New Jersey Senator Lays Out Plan To Revitalize Struggling Atlantic City Casinos

August 10th, 2010- By Bryan Cross

New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak is not standing by as he watches Atlantic City and the state’s racetracks struggle through financial hardships and a bleak out look should nothing be done soon to help.

As such, the Senator has come up with several plans to revitalize both industries which he believes will bring back the tourists and increase the revenue stream. Lesniak also said that not only will the 16,000 currently employed at racetracks and casinos keep their jobs, several more will be added.

A couple of weeks ago, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has proposed a government overhaul of the Atlantic City casino district to try and lift it back up, for which Lesniak has said he agrees with.

Lesniak has proposed a bill for Legal Online Gambling and USA Online Casinos as well as USA Online Poker.

“Legislation I have introduced, S-490, to authorize Internet gaming from servers located in Atlantic City needs to get moving now,” Lesniak stated. ‘It will produce more revenue for reinvestment in Atlantic City, much needed revenue for the state, keep our valuable racing industry alive, and create thousands of jobs for our residents.

“Who could possibly be against this?” he added. “The casino industry, that’s who! Why? Because it’s lobbying for federal legislation which will prevent New Jersey from getting any revenues from Internet gaming. What a tragedy it will be if we let them fleece the people of the state of New Jersey and sell out Atlantic City, the Meadowlands, Monmouth Racetrack and our horse farms in the process.”

Lesniak is a member of the New Jersey Gaming Summit and submitted his proposal to the group urging them to consider the ideas.

“There’s plenty of money leaving New Jersey that can be recaptured and invested in New Jersey, rather than going into the corporate coffers of casino interests headquartered in Nevada,” Lesniak said. “It’s time to stand up for our interests, for Atlantic City’s interests, for Bergen County’s interests, for Monmouth County’s interests and for the interests of the state of New Jersey, and not allow our gaming policy to be dictated by the interests of Nevada.”

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