Problem Gamblers May Seek Help From Pennsylvania Department Of Health

August 10th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has recently stepped up their efforts to aid pathological gamblers in receiving help with their problem. Following the incorporation of table games into the state’s casinos, the Department of Health was met with the concern that the number of problem gamblers would increase.

“For most people, gambling is simply a game,” began Robin Rothermel, the Department of Health’s Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ director. “However, for the up to four percent of gamblers for whom gambling may become a problem, it can be a devastating illness that affects you and everyone close to you.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is offering a wide range of resources to help those in need. This assistance begins with a hotline and has no end of aid available.

The hotline will bring brochures, related information, and much more. Amongst the counseling options available there are self help groups, private care options, and even subsidized care fueled by the state.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Health has also decided to detail some of the early signs of problem gambling. Less time with friends and family, more money being spent on gambling, and even theft in order to fuel the gambling fire are all amongst the early signs of a gambling addiction.

Dangers of pathological gambling are also being touted, ranging from debit to job loss and even suicide or worse.

Many states have programs in place to help stop gambling addictions, and the different USA online gambling sites are also on top of reducing the number of pathological gamblers. With online software it is even easier for players to monitor their losses and even impose limits on losses.

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