Casinos On East Coast Looking For Revenue Boosts In Each State

August 9th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

In the northeast portion of the United States, there are currently 41 opened casinos that operate daily. With more than 20 future ones planned, the new influx of casinos is creating stiff competition amongst neighboring states, that includes the second-largest gambling segment in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The states of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have been in the news the most over the course of the month of July adding casinos and table games.  Pennsylvania did not open any new casinos, but implemented table game during all of last month, with their revenue stream projected to increase exponentially.

Massachusetts on the other hand was in a stalemate over debate regarding new casinos and slot machines in racetracks in the state.  The House and Senate found it difficult to come to terms with a unified bill that both could get behind, as well as governor Chris Christie.

Elsewhere along the Northeast, the state of Maine is expected to incur a vote in November relating to the casino and gambling industry in their area.  States along the east coast such as Maryland and Delaware also are making prominent changes to their casinos by adding buildings and games.

“Government wants free money, and the casino industry for years has represented and provided free money to them,” remarked Tom Carver,  who is New Jersey’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s chief executive officer. “The attraction is, `Our citizens are going to a casino somewhere else and spending money that should stay within our borders, so we need our own casinos.’ But people are running out of disposable income.”

The average amount of money that a single gambler spends in one trip to a casino is $108, which was found by a survey issued by the American Gambling Association.  This is a dollar amount that has stayed virtually the same over the course of the last three decades.

At the top of the issue, is Atlantic City, which Governor Christie said “is dying.”  So much so that he stated that there needed to be a form of government overhaul to come in a revitalize the state of the gambling industry.

As casinos and gambling continue to pay a prominent role in the development of the east coast, a federal bill to life the ban on USA Online Gambling and Casinos is also on the footsteps of Congress, which adds to the potential changes America could see in the near future relating to gambling.

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