Online Sportsbooks Offer Odds On Obama Re-Election

August 9th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

For those who like to read through entertainment betting odds found online there are all sorts of betting lines available. Political betting happens to be a hot item at the online sportsbooks. There is no wonder why after all the tragedy that has hit our country since the election of President Obama.

There is no doubt that the United States has suffered greatly over the past few years. The economy has been spinning out of control for some time now and Americans has seen little improvement over the past several years. With the recent disastrous oil spill, even more people are feeling the effect of something beyond their control. Thousands of coastal properties and businesses have been destroyed. We are years away from recovering from this tragedy. Countless species of wildlife have been effected by the oil spill and thousands of volunteers have been called in to lend a helping hand.

The United States Government is claiming they are doing everything possible to see to a fast and speedy recovery but the President is taking a lot of heat for his lack of attention to the matter. The President has personally met with many of the residents and business owners along the coast line and has promised assistance from the government as much as possible. BP corporation has stepped up and taken responsibility as ordered by the President and hopefully the people who have been effected will see results sooner than later.

We are just under two years away from making a decision that could very impact us for many years to come. No matter what side of the political fence voters may stand on, people will be basing their next vote and what we have seen from the leader of our country over the past four years. Some are saying the change we got when we elected President Obama was not the change we were looking for. We will have to wait till election time in 2012 before Americans can officially voice their opinion.

There are many political betting types, but one of the most interesting is that of our next presidential election.

Who will be elected US President in 2012?
Barack Obama    -130
Mitt Romney    +600
Haley Barbour    +2500
Sarah Palin    +1100
Hillary Clinton    +1600
Newt Gingrich    +2500
John Boehner    +2000
Joe Biden    +3300
Mike Huckabee    +1800
Tim Pawlenty    +1800
Jon Huntsman    +2800
Bobby Jindal    +2500
Bill Owens    +3300
Chuck Hagel    +3300
Fred Thompson    +3300
David Patraeus    +3300
Lindsey Graham    +4000
Rudolph Giuliani    +4000
Chuck Baldwin    +4000
Jeb Bush    +4000
Evan Bayh    +4000
Tom Ridge    +5000
Ron Paul    +5000
George Allen    +6600
Al Gore    +6600
John McCain    +6600
Condaleeza Rice    +6600
John Edwards    +6600
George Pataki    +8000
Bill Frist    +8000
Jim Webb    +10000
Kathleen Sebelius    +10000
Tim Kaine    +10000
Arnold Schwarzenegger    +10000
Sam Brownback    +10000
Janet Napolitano    +10000
John Kerry    +10000
Michael Bloomberg    +4000
Mark Warner    +10000
Caroline Kennedy    +15000
Dick Cheney    +20000
Will Smith    +25000
Paris Hilton    +25000
Laura Bush    +25000

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