A Summit Is Convened To Discuss Atlantic City Casino Sector

August 6, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Officials in the state of New Jersey are meeting this week to discuss, and try and come up with a solution for New Jersey Casinos and Racetracks as the industry continues to struggle.

In July, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie outlined his plans for the future relating to the casinos and gaming industry and overhauling it by government control to revive the sector.  New Jersey holds the second-largest gambling industry in the United States, to only Las Vegas.

There have been mixed responses over the layout of Governor Christie’s ideas for which leaders of the industry are meeting at a democratic hearing which takes place today in Atlantic City.  There will be approximately 300 people in the summit.

The CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts, Mark Juliano, has said that he is supportive and in favor of what governor Christie has come out and stated with more governmental control in the Atlantic City area.

In addition to the Atlantic City casino subject, Governor Christie has also stated that he would like to cut back $30 million from the racetracks.  That proposal has been met with opposition saying that the horse tracks in New Jersey should not have to suffer or be eliminated at the hands of the Atlantic City casino districts benefit.

“We have to find a way to keep the tracks open. The governor basically said if they die, they die,” remarked Senate President Stephen Sweeney. “I think that’s too flippant a statement.”

“I think it’s extremely important that we find a way to make sure there are no losers in this,” he added.

Christie’s camp had several responses to the criticism of the governor’s ideas.

“It would have been better to hear some constructive ideas from the Senate President before he started complaining about our serious efforts to address the gaming and racing industry problems in New Jersey,” said spokesman Michael Drewniak . “So we’ll have to wait and see what ideas come from the all-Democrat gaming summit. We’re all ears and look forward to working with the Legislature on these important issues.”

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