Political Parites Gaining Attention From Online Sportsbooks

August 6th, 2010 – Written Bonnie

Politics can be a touchy subject with most folks these days. With the recent oil disasters, blaming the people in Washington is a natural reaction. The BP disaster has effected countless individuals and business over the past few months. All over the nation people have been affected, not just along the coast line. Any given day you can turn on the television set and watch a news segment on something related to the oil spill. It is one of the worst spills in history, and it will take a long time to clean up.

The oil spill was one of the many times that Americans needed their government officials to step up and take care of a situation, but there has been very little effort to make the situation better. The oil spill did billions of dollars worth of damages during its 2 month leak. Some of the damage caused by the spill is priceless. There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses that were effected. The news networks can not get enough of the coverage of the wildlife animals that are covered in oil. This will be a long recovery process and we can only hope that the leader of our country is ready to step up and get his own hands dirty when it comes to fixing this problem.

This is not the change that Americans were looking for in voting into office a new president. Many promises were made and the expectations are high. Despite the fact that there is a good chance that our current president of the United States will not be reelected, we will have to wait until November 2012 before we get the chance to see.

Online sportsbooks are already predicting some new members of the team come election time. Entertainment betting odds offer predictions on which political party will win the Presidential Election in 2012.

US Elections 2012: Party to win the next Presidential Election
Democratic Party     -140
Republican Party     +100
Field (Any other party)     +5000

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