Las Vegas Looking To Get In On Online Poker If Legalized

August 4, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

As the debate and proposals continue to rage on relating to the legalization of online poker and other online gambling games, the nations largest gambling industry, Las Vegas, is ready to jump on the band wagon if and when the law comes to pass.

“Clearly it’s in the best interest of Nevada casinos to limit those who can get licenses to those not currently in the (online) industry because they have had a large head start,” remarked Las Vegas gaming attorney Tony Cabot.

The Bill was brought forth by Rep. Barney Frank and is officially titles HR 2267, which cleared a first significant hurdle last week when it was passed.  There were amendments added to the proposed bill, that included refusing to allow those companies that operate in the United States currently, and not allowing them to achieve licenses.

“Al Capone couldn’t get a liquor license if he’d stayed around to the end of Prohibition,” remarked Rep. Brad Sherman.

Harrah’s Entertainment based in Las Vegas, have already stated their interest to get in on the online poker industry if if is legalized, and hopes that the amendments hold true as it would work out best for them.

Those familiar names to all online poker enthusiasts such as Full Tilt and Poker Stars would be out of the game by virtue of the amendments, which would take out major players who currently operate.

The Poker Player Alliance said that there is still a long way to go, and many more hurdles that would need to be cleared in order for such legislation to make its way through the difficult new of legislation.

The Online Casinos, Online Poker and USA Friendly Casinos would potentially grow exponentially in the United States, and Las Vegas is making sure that they do not miss the ship.

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