Online Sportsbooks Follow The Social Network To The Big Screen

August 2nd, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Facebook has grown to be one of the most popular online social networks of all time. Facebook was created by Harvard students in 2004 and has grown to have more than 500 million users. Mark Zuckerberg founded the social network along with his college roommate and fellow Harvard students. It first started out to be a network for college students, but quickly expanded to thousands of other schools in a very short time. As of July of 2010, it was recorded that Facebook had 500 million users, with more than 15,000 joining daily.

Facebook has become such a franchise that it was only a matter of time before someone took this incredible story and turned it into a box office hit. The film, The Social Network, is a story about the developing of the online social network Facebook. The film was written by Aaron Sorkin with no help from the actual parties responsible for the 4 billion dollar empire Facebook, Inc. The cast will include some familiar Hollywood stars such as Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song, Rashida Jones, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara, Malese Jow, and Joseph Mazzello.

The film is set to be released October 1st, 2010 and is sure to bring in a crowd on opening weekend. As much as people enjoy using the social network Facebook, some might be interested to hear one scenario of how it came to be. There is no doubt that this film will draw some attention at the box office.  Online sportsbooks are just wondering how much money will be generated. Entertainment betting odds are predicting a big numbers for opening weekend and now online bettors can get in on the action by placing a wager using betting types on how much The Social Network will pull in opening weekend.

Applies to the total worldwide gross of The Social Network taken from IMDB on Jan 7th 2010 (rounded off).

Under $250 Million     1/3
$250 – $300 Million     7/2
$301 – $350 Million     6/1
$351 – $400 Million     10/1
$400 – $450 Million     12/1
$450 – $500 Million     14/1
$501 Million or Over     8/1

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