Aide Testifies Louisville’s Pitino Never Requested Abortion

July 31, 2010 – By Scott

Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino has been through quite an ordeal lately as a result of his sexual encounter back in 2003 with Karen Sypher. Not only did she attempt to extort millions of dollars from the successful coach but now she claims that Pitino forced her to get an abortion following their brief encounter after- hours at an Italian restaurant.

Pitino’s aide, Tim Sypher who is testifying against his ex-wife Karen, said that Pitino did not advise her to get an abortion but to simply “go out of town.” Tim testified at Karen’s extortion trial about helping her get an abortion. The two later divorced after she was indicted last year on charges of demanding cash and gifts worth millions to keep secret their brief relationship which took place on a restaurant table.

Tim Sypher said that he called clinics in Indiana and Ohio before taking Karen to Cincinnati to terminate the pregnancy on August 29, 2003. He also testified that he paid for the procedure with funds given to Karen by Pitino to pay for medical care. Pitino said his intentions were for the money to pay for medical insurance, not an abortion.

Tim Sypher told jurors that Pitino called him on August 23, 2003 and asked if he could use his condo to to meet with a woman about a “supposed pregnancy.” The meeting took place less than a month after Karen and Pitino had sex. Tim Sypher waited in an upstairs bedroom for about an hour while the two met.

“In a situation like that, you know, I just wanted the day over with,” Tim Sypher said. “I heard nothing.”

Just six days after the meeting, Tim drove Karen to a women’s clinic in Cincinnati where she had the abortion. The clinic’s records showed that Karen was about five weeks pregnant. After the procedure, this prompted feelings between Karen, who was known as Karen White at the time, and Tim.

After heading back to Louisville, Karen wanted to see Tim again. The two started dating and were married less than a year later. However, the marriage deteriorated by 2007 according to Tim. On February 26, 2009, Pitino received two anonymous calls threatening to make public the one-night stand and accused the coach of rape. Pitino then requested a meeting with Karen according to Tim. The demands from Karen and Tim started coming after the two met on March 6, 2009 just days after Pitino received a third phone call.

After all this, it is eveident that Pitino is ready to put all this behind him and get started on his 2010-2011 NCAA basketball campaign with Louisville.

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