Facebook Taking Over Internet, According To Online Sportsbooks

July 29th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most successful online social networks and is somewhat of an addiction for some people. Even online sportsbooks are offering betting types on just how big facebook will grow to be. Facebook is a connection to the online world. Facebook has only been around since 2004 and was created by a group of students from Harvard University. It is a well known fact that some of the most brilliant minds come from Harvard University, but it is still hard to believe that 3 students created the Facebook system in just a week’s time. Facebook was an instant hit with their fellow students. Within a matter of days after launching Facebook, nearly the entire University had become members.

It was the college crowd that really latched onto Facebook. Within 2 years it had been a topic of conversation at nearly 2,000 Universities. Facebook has said to be the next up and coming Google. Facebook is the only system next to Google and Youtube that has gained such a wide fan base in such a short amount of time. It is said that close to 15,000 members join daily, making it one of the most profitable web sites. Facebook is worth an estimated 10 billion dollars.

While Facebook first attracted a user base full of young college kids, more than 50% of its members are over the age of 35. Facebook is one of the best online sources to reconnecting with lost loved ones. Facebook is accessible from almost every cellular phone and applications are even available on things such as the iPod touch. It is almost impossible to get away from Facebook these days. Anyone who likes to catch up on the daily drama is sure to be an avid Facebooker.

There is no telling just how big Facebook will get. One thing that is certain is that Facebook is and will continue to be one of the most utilized online social networks. Online sportsbooks are predicting that in the near future, Facebook will in fact reach over 1 billion users. Entertainment betting odds list the time frame in which it will take to get there, but at the rapid rate that Facebook is growing, there is no telling.

1 Billion Users?

1 Billion Users?
Singles Only. Applies to when Facebook officially reaches 1 Billion Users (1000 Million) according to Facebook. PP decision is final in settlement.
2010     100/1
1st Half 2011     33/1
2nd Half 2011     10/1
1st Half 2012     5/2
2nd Half 2012     9/4
1st Half 2013     2/1
2nd Half 2013     4/1
2014 or Later     5/1

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