Terrell Owens Signs With Cincinnati Bengals

July 28, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

The future is a lot brighter for Cincinnati Bengals fans looking ahead towards next season. Terrell Owens agreed to terms late Tuesday, and plans to bring a Super Bowl victory to Cincinnati. The AFC North is looking a lot more exciting this year as T.O. and Chad Ochocinco will be the new double threat in the division.

The new deal for Owens lasts two years, and is worth $2 million. According to a source, the deal could be worth an additional $2 million in incentives to Owens. The Bengals’ 2010 NFL betting odds are sure to increase in their favor with Owens on the roster.

Ochocinco has already dubbed the tandem “Batman and Robin”. The two receivers are arguably the most volatile and controversial egos in the league. The Cincinnati front office hopes their egos will cancel each other out, and the two will be able to coexist.

The team is scheduled to report to pre-season camp Wednesday. T.O. will arrive later for Thursday’s workouts. Ochocinco is making it known that he is excited to have Owens on the team.

Owens replied to Chad’s tweet by saying, “Ocho Uno is coming 2 town!! Hey Robin, Batman will b there soon!.” Owens will sign the deal offered Monday when he arrives in Georgetown later in the week. 2010 NFL betting trends are sure to swing in the Bengals favor during the season.

The two players have seen great success with their own reality television shows on VH1. “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch” airs just before “The T.O Show”, and Ochocinco has been featured before on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”.

Taking snaps in the middle of the two egos will be veteran quarterback Carson Palmer. The former Trojan reportedly helped bring Owens to the Bengals. He worked out with T.O. in California, and called Lewis to convince him to sign Owens.

Owens’ agent Drew Rosenhaus delivered on his guarantee that his client would be signed before the end of the week. He confirmed that Palmer had a lot to do with the deal.

“He and Chad are going to do some great things with Carson,” said Rosenhaus, the agent for both receivers. “Carson Palmer had a lot to do with this deal coming together.”

Owner Mike Brown is known for giving second chances, even though he knows Owens carries some baggage. He has undercut most of his starting quarterbacks, except last season with the Buffalo Bills. It was his good behavior last season that allowed Brown to trust that the receiver has changed.

Brown and Palmer are focused solely on winning a championship. Players like Cedric Benson, Larry Johnson, and Matt Jones have found new life in Cincinnati, and he believes Owens has the most to gain from a fresh start.

“Yes, people can make mistakes,” Brown said at the team’s preseason luncheon on Monday. “It doesn’t mean that they go on the rest of their lives making mistakes. They can get their ship pointed in the right direction. This is a 36-year-old man. He’s been through a lot. He’s proven as a player and as a person.”

Pre-season Super Bowl XLV odds have set the Bengals among the underdogs to win at +2500.

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