Free Agent Linebacker Keith Bulluck Signs With New York Giants

July 26, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

The New York Giants made a proposal to veteran linebacker Keith Bulluck and signed him to a one-year contract in hopes of returning to the Super Bowl.

Teams courting Bulluck included the Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. Fans of the two teams were hoping that 2010 NFL betting trends would swing in their favor by signing Bulluck.

The new agreement between Bulluck and the Giants is reportedly worth $2.5 million and will likely not feature a second-year option. Bulluck has been recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament, an injury that has hindered his ability to sign with a new team. The former Tennessee defensive anchor spent 10 seasons with the Titans before pursuing free agency.

Player agent Gary Wichard told the AP that he called the Titans to give them a chance to resign the player who gave a decade of service to the team. He was surprised when the team didn’t take the time to return his phone call.

“I called them and left them a message. I never heard back from them,” Wichard said. “Keith knew the minute he walked out of the Titans complex his run in Tennessee was over. He knew it in his mind. But he is excited about what’s next. He is excited about joining the Giants.”

The Titans selected Bulluck in the first round with the 30th overall pick in 2000. The Sufferin, New York native was a standout at Syracuse University, and won the Bill Horr award for being the team’s most valuable player as a senior. He finished his college career with 375 tackles, six sacks, three interceptions, and three forced fumbles. Bulluck always played alert, and recovered six fumbles in his college career.

Making his first start in 2002, Bulluck became the star on the defense and led the Titans in tackles five times. He was elected to his first Pro Bowl in 2003. The following season he led the NFL in tackles with 152. Bulluck currently holds the Titans team record for interceptions by a linebacker with five. 2010 NFL weekly betting odds could favor the Giants if Bulluck can continue his impressive play.

Though the linebacker has spent his entire career with the Titans, Bulluck says he is not surprised that the team let him go.

“I have seen a lot over the years,” Bulluck said. “I have seen guys who have been figureheads here being released. With me, I prepared myself over the years for this, because I knew at some point my time would come.”

The Giants will probably use Bulluck to fill the void left by veteran linebacker Antonio Pierce, who retired in the offseason. He will try to adapt to the middle-linebacker position after playing on the outside for the majority of his career.

“I like the concept of playing middle linebacker because in Tennessee I predominantly played on the right side during the base packages,” Bulluck said. “I always felt if I’m on the right they can always run to the left and make my job harder. In the middle you can’t run away from me. I don’t have a problem getting off blocks.”

With Bulluck, the Giants are still among the underdogs in pre-season Super Bowl XLV lines at +2500.

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