Poker Pro Claims That Online Poker Is Rigged

July 26th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Fairness is one of the main criticisms of online poker, and one WSOP bracelet winner, a professional by the name of Jason Young, has recently come out on his blog to blast online poker. Young’s outburst against online poker comes, as with many other critical responses, after a series of losses.

While Young admitted that he was steaming at the time of his derogatory blog post, he claims that he has never seen such losing variance as he has in online poker. He claimed that he has “always been a live player” and he has “never really played much online.” His recent online stint comes, according to his blog, from his desire to improve his game.

Young has made a claim that many online poker players have. This is the belief that one player will be situated in a hot seat and be nearly impossible to crush regardless of starting hand. His claims include seeing 2 outers win more often than not, experiencing enormous swings, and that many live high stakes players are unable to perform as consistently online then they have line.

Many people in the poker industry claim that there are two breeds o poker player – online and live. The difference between these two players tends to leave live players much tighter and slightly more nitty than the aggressive online players.

While many people have managed to strike big winnings through online poker, including some of the players who play live poker more commonly than they do Internet poker, there is a large circle of people who feel that online poker is not as random as one might hope. With such self made millionaires as Tom Dwan, one can only wonder about the fairness of the best USA poker rooms.

Some online poker rooms have not ever been a target of such claims, such as Bodog poker. It would seem that only regulated USA online poker could calm the nerves of many online poker players.

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