Maryland Voters Will Take To Polls In November Over Casino

July 21, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

In Maryland, the State Supreme Court ruled this week that the voters will have the ability to decide on a proposal to build what would be the largest Maryland Casino in the state on the November ballot.

As with most issues, there are two sides and those who continue to be opposed of this ruling stated that they will continue to lobby on the opposing side.

“We believe the taxpayers and voters of Anne Arundel County, who voted overwhelmingly to approve slots in the state, will do so again,” remarked Chairman David Cordish by way of a statement.

A recent poll taken by residents local to the area have revealed that it is a very close 50/50 split as to whether or not the voters would approve the proposal for the casino come November.

“There are a lot of voters who feel that this is in lieu of an additional tax, this is money that is going out of state and they’d like to capture that,” remarked head of the Center for the Study of Local Issues Dan Nataf.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley stated that he is in favor of the state Supreme Court ruling.

” It affirmed the right for the people of Anne Arundel County to have their voices heard on whether slots should be located at Arundel Mills shopping mall, and I support that decision,” he said.

Josh Cohen, the Mayor of Annapolis is an advocate for slot machines said that the referendum will give the voters a clear and simple way of deciding what they want relating to the casino.

“The whole thing smelled like it was a bait and switch,” Cohen said. “Voters have the right to but the casino where it rightfully belongs.”

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