Compromise Between Massachusetts House And Senate Over Casinos Expected Soon

July 20th, 2010- By Bryan Cross

The debate on the State Hill continues in Massachusetts over the licensing of casinos within the state that would expand the gambling industry in Massachusetts to levels never before seen.

Despite the fact that on the surface it appears as if progress is halted, Therese Murray, the President of the Senate and House Speaker Robert DeLeo said that progress is in fact being made.

We’re talking and we’re moving along,” DeLeo remarked. “When people stop talking and dialogue stops, that’s probably the death knell of legislation, so I think the fact that we’re both out there trying to get something done – whether we will or not remains to be seen – shows that at least we’re trying to get to the right direction.”

The House and Senate are continuing to come to a compromise and work out a bill that both can agree on.

“We are working with the House to come up with some language,” said Murray.

DeLeo is a supporter of slot machines being implemented at the state’s four racetracks, which is one of the differing view in the two bills.

Committee members will continue to meet with each other in several arranged meetings throughout the course of this week and finally finish the differences and solidify a united bill between the House and the Senate.

Governor Deval Patrick still holds the authority to veto a bill.

“I would assume that if there isn’t some progress made, it makes it a very open-ended question as to whether we’ll get some resolution on it,” House Minority Leader Brad Jones said.

Massachusetts Casinos is one of several states along the east coast to try and expand their gambling industry along with Maryland Casinos and Pennsylvania Casinos to compete with Atlantic City.

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